Project Management

Sounds easy, but it isn't! All project parameters should be considered over and over again, determining the most effective way to organise a fluid workflow. Despite all precautions taken, Murphy is always around the corner. Needless to say that acting and reacting on the spot with open communication between all parties is crucial. We are dealing with people...


Let us first assess your requirements! Only after having a full picture of your project, we can start to design a tailored solution. In our case, this tailored solution will be the most cost and time effective solution.

Coating Assessment

What are you concerns? Let's first have a clear view on the actions which need to be taken. While all parameters have to be considered, like, safety, cost, shut downs etc, MIPC provides you a comprehensive general overview of the coating project ahead.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative solutions require innovative coating systems. Besides the benefits of surface and dew point tolerant coating systems, solvent free systems will contribute to a better environment and working conditions. Overall, this will result in reduced downtime and cost effective surface preparation and application techniques. And although they are strongly simplifying the overall process, they comply with all required regulations and certifications.

Technical Training

Technical training in the workshop or on board of a vessel? We believe that the key to success is in the hands of the applicators who have to do the job on site. Each environment has it's different challenges and parameters to take into consideration. This is why we prefer to come on site to support, advise and give hands on training. Need training in any specific language? No problem, hands on manuals can be supplied in various languages, avoiding lost in translations.

Quality Control

Sometimes we're not that popular on a job! MIPC has it's in house NACE CIP level 2 certified QC-QA Inspectors. The quality controls are executed according the contract specifications and standards.

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