Conservation of Tugboat 30 – Port of Antwerp Authority

The Port of Antwerp authority asked us to take good care of their Tugboat 30 to apply various coating systems on the vessel.

We took on this project together with our application partner, VHB Marine, Antwerp.

The various items that had to be taken care of on the vessel where following:

Long term corrosion protection of the sea chests

For this task we selected the unique Chemco International system of Epo-Chem RS 500P, rust and wet tolerant primer system, followed by Epo-Chem RA 500M Glassflake filled topcoat.  By using this system we created a complete barrier in the sea chests, in fact isolating them completely from any possible current and thus giving them long term protection against corrosion.  This system offers protection for 8 to 10 years.

Protection of Voith Schneider against cavitation and fouling

The main aim here was to protect this high cavitation area against pitting whilst preventing fouling.  Here we had to remove the old remaining Antifouling completely by means of hydrojetting it with 2500bar so we get down to the pre-existing tie coat and/or bare steel.  The areas where the steel got exposed got treated with the EPO-Chem RS 500P rust and wet tolerant primer, and then the complete sole of the voith schneider got treated with the EPO-Chem RA 500CG ChemGlide system.  This is a screened glassflake reinforced epoxy resin with non stick additives.  This solvent free, 100% biocide and copper free coating is an environment friendly solution to prevent fouling especially on high impact areas of any vessel and thus a perfect fit here.

Repair of Potable water tanks

Both potable water tanks of the vessel had welding/burn damage and needed to be recoated.  With conventional coating systems this would require a full recoat of the tanks.  We could avoid this by yet again using the Chemco Epo-Chem RS 500P on mechanically prepared areas where the welding damage occured, as a primer coat.  This was followed by overlapping the primer with Epo-Chem RA 500M glassflake topcoat which is certified for potable water tanks.  This was an easy, cost effective repair solution which also saved a lot of time.  The unlimited overcoating time of this coating system will allow for easy repair if ever needed.

Application of Antifouling on the Hull

The hull of the vessel was power washed with 500 bar to remove all fouling and loose remaining old AF.  Areas that were damaged got touched up with the Epo-Chem RS 500P primer and then there was a full coat with a conventional Antifouling system, in this case from PPG.

Bezemer Coatings at “Openscheepvaart dagen 2017” in Antwerp

MIPC Presented Chemco International's innovative coating systems together with Bezemer Coatings at this very busy and well attended show in Antwerp.

The wet and rust tolerant coating systems attracted a lot of attention and interest from the inland ship owners.

Bezemer is MIPC's partner to supply and support this market, having inventory at theri warehouse of the Chemco coating systems in various packaging sizes.

Bezemer demo movie of the Chemco coating systems

Floating Pipeline project succesfully completed in port of Antwerp

In July 2016, SeReAnt contacted MIPC, looking for a solution for their floating pipelines which required to be refurbished.

The full project had to be completed within a 15 day shutdown period. In some localised areas the pipeline showed severe pitting which would have to be repaired. Grit blasting was also not permissible and coating application had to take place in high humidity.

The only solution available in the market which could meet Sereant's strict deadline would be to utilise a unique combination of water jetting and a solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant coating solution.


The pipeline was prepared by water jetting to WJ-2 standard. One primer coat of Chemco International's solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant epoxy

Epo-chem™ RS 500P was then applied. This was followed by one topcoat of solvent-free, wet tolerant epoxy Epo-chem™
RA 500M

The client received substantial time and cost savings by utilising this unique solution as the project was completed 4 days earlier than initially planned; which was helped by the short drying time of the Chemco coatings and their ability to 'continue to cure' underwater.


The following benefits were achieved by both the client and contractors who undertook the project:

  • Solvent-free coating system
  • No grit blasting
  • No humidity or dew point restrictions
  • No recoating limitations
  • Additional painting works could be executed
  • Quick back-in-service time (project completed 4 days earlier than expected

SeReAnt Floating pipeline refurbishment

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